Route 218 Tours

Affordable transportation and iconic tour experiences.


Route 218 offers explorers the opportunity to immerse in the Jamaican culture. Experience the natural beauty of the Island, listen to the
joyous laughter and taste the diversity of our people in our world renowned cuisine. Stay awhile and experience the mystic vibration of
our people through dance.

Select from our bucket list or create an Itinerary; whichever you choose, a Route Specialists is ready to provide excellent service to
individuals, meeting planners, tour operators and our travel agents partners.


1. Iconic Airport Transfer
Our well trained drivers will set the stage for an Iconic Vacation Experience.

2. Iconic Experiences
Experience Jamaica’s top destinations and off the beaten track hidden gems. We only work with tour attractions that are certified and
will provide iconic activities.

3. City Passes
Experience Jamaica with a native. Our tour guides are equipped with the knowledge of Jamaica’s history and current must see
destinations to entertain you throughout the day.
Ready to party? Experience Jamaica’s nightlife with just a show of your pass.
Our city pass is a complete experience that will have you passing on exciting factual information about Jamaica to everyone.

Kingston City Pass
Day Tour- Duration 8 hours
Night Tour- Duration 8 hours
Time: 10pm-4am

4. Bucket List
Jamaican celebrities will be asked to create a bucket list of destinations they would like to visit in Jamaica.
Clients will be given the option to select from said bucket list or select the bucket list.

Once three or more items are selected then clients will be able to use the said celebrity discount code.
Celebrity will be able to earn points which can be redeemed towards their bucket list or for cash.

5. Itinerary
Clients will be able to create an itinerary online using a calendar.

6. Travel Guide
Learn about Jamaica’s History while perusing its’ current offerings. Our extensive travel guide will help you select the best tour package
for you.

7. Cruises

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